Benares - 4 -18 March 2018

The Alchemical Body

Retreat in Benares with Yogi Ram and Stefania Kudrat Floreani

“Kashi, Benares, Varanasi… whatever you call it, is the most maddeningly elusive city. For centuries writers, poets, painters and fabulist have tried to comprehend its character. But Kashi is not interested in being understood or being categorized. You can show an aspect of it in words or images but seldom feel that you have completely captured its prismatic character. It is a place of pilgrimage like many other tirthas (holy places) in this land but it is like none other. It is ancient but also oddly vivacious and young. It celebrates life but also has a symbiotic relationship with death. It is cynical, decadent and compassionate, calm and disturbing, passionate and detached. Generous Varanasi gives you what you seek. Wearing its myriad, many-hued masks, it can be anything you want it to be.”
 (From Varanasi, a pilgrimage to Light, by Subhadra Sen Gupta)


Retreat in Benares with Yogi Ram and Stefania Kudrat Floreani
4th - 18th of March 2018

THE ALCHEMICAL BODY is a retreat for a small group of people who are really interested to deepen the practice of Yoga and Meditation taught by an original yogin and supported by the clear power of the holy city of Benares, the city of Lord Shiva, at the bank of the holy river Ganges.

Everything has a meaning in the sacred geography of Benares, everything has a meaning in the energetically structure of the human body. This retreat will take you into an intimate journey of yourself, making you realize your inner potential and making you touch a memorable experience of your soul.

Energetic physiology will be taught in order to better comprehend the movement of the universal forces in us and to better focus ourselves during the practice of Yoga and Meditation.

Japa (repetition) of a specific mantra will be practiced in order to potentialize the intensity of the concentration and to empower the path towards your eternal Self.

Program in details:
06:00-09:00 Meditation and Yoga
10:00 Lunch
11:00-13:00 Satsang (teachings)
13:00 Fruit and free time
16:00-17:30 Pranayama and Meditation
18:00 Light dinner

During the two weeks:

  • There will be a day long trip to Sarnath, a buddhist place of historical and religious worldwide interest, where for the first time the Buddha spread his teachings.
  • There will be a trip at the sunrise on a typical boat to watch the beauty of the eternal city of Benares.
  • There will be a participation to the aarti, the evening ceremony where devotees pray the holy river Ganges offering flowers, incense and devotional lights.
  • There will be moments to have Satsang with Yogi Ram at the famous world known ghats of the city at the bank of the holy river Ganges.
    There will be a morning meditation on the other side of the holy river Ganges.

    To participate to the retreat please write to as we do accept only people who are seriously interested in self-transformation.
Guided by

Journey planning

Please do not book flights until your application has been approved.
We reply maximum within 72 hours after we receive your application. 

Fee Benares Retreat

Yoga and Meditation classes,  Satsang (teachings), translation in Italian, accommodations (single, double and triple room for 13 nights) and 3 vegetarian meals at the Ram Bhawan Residency (an old architecture that preserved the traditional ambiance in the very center of the city), wi-fi, water purifier to fill up water bottles, trip to Sarnath (archeological site and museum, touristic guide) and around the city, transfers inside the city, transfers by taxi from and to the airport.

flight, visa, tips and meals outside the Residency.

The Ram Bhawan residency, where you will be hosted, also houses the offices of two non-government organisations, the Kautilya Society, which supports and facilitates intercultural dialogue and activities that contribute to a sustainable development based on local resources.

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